Modular homes are distinct from “manufactured homes.” Trailers are ultimately intended as temporary housing (which too often becomes permanent). Modular homes are real houses, which are “stick” built off site and then assembled on the construction site. A completed modular home is indistinguishable from a traditionally-built on site home of similar size and style. It’s not a different type of house, just a different way of putting a house together.

Modular homes meet the same construction standards as traditionally-built homes. They can resist fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and any other disaster as well as any other house. In fact, modular homes have often been chosen by people rebuilding after natural disasters because the building process is so much faster. In fact, the standards applied to modular homes are often higher than those traditional builders must meet.

Again, this is the confusion between modular homes and mobile or manufactured homes. Modular homes are not intended to be moved. Mobile homes are, and thus need to fit in their entirety on a large semi. While each module has to be moved, modular homes can be built to any size, with the limitation being the lot you are building on.

Modular homes are made with the same standard of building materials. The reduced cost comes from the fact that it takes less time to build them, without corners being cut in materials or construction.

Due to the controlled factory environment that modular homes are built in, the materials aren’t exposed to the elements. This keeps quality materials safe from avoidable deterioration

Modular homes can be placed right on your basement! Just like an on site traditional home.  They can also be built on a crawl space or concrete slab. 

Quite the contrary is true! As already mentioned, modular homes are indistinguishable from traditionally-built homes. You can pick from a variety of designs that will suit your taste and fit in with your neighborhood. Modular homes can be built with one story to three stories, and with all the accent features you might want. The only limitation is that the truck has to be able to access your lot.

A number of stunning homes have been constructed using the modular method. 

The fact is that modular homes come in all sizes and styles for a range of budgets. While it’s true that most modular homes can be built less expensively than on site built homes, the primary reason for choosing them is speed rather than price.

Modular homes became popular in the 1950s due to the need to build housing quickly after World War II, and many of those homes are still around and being lived in. A new build modular home will last just as long as a traditional build, and appreciate value as much as a site-built home. A future owner may not even know the home was modular.

Modular homes are a great option if you are looking to build your own home on a shorter timeline. Modular home construction also has environmental benefitsand can even save you money!